Who We Are

A message from our Founder, Hannah Saint


Cambridge Women Who Lead is a society dedicated to promoting female leadership. We host talks and workshops and publish articles written by, for and about student leaders and women who inspire us.

After launching on the 21st January, we had 77 members in the first 24 hours, and over 100 in the first week. In Lent term, we hosted five very successful events: our Meet & Greet, Dr Leor Zmigrod, the creators of Race2Rise, Daisy Knatchbull and the Masters of Churchill, Newnham and Jesus.

Collaboration is at the core of the society - the events are interactive and dynamic and you have the opportunity to ask questions and connect with our wide range of speakers. We encourage members to connect with one another and develop their networks, speak about their interests and make friends. We can achieve so much when we work together. We need to look at female leadership across all sectors and in all different forms.

Female and non-binary students, join our growing community!